iPrime Services : Innovative and Agile managed IT services for Operational Excellence and Digital Transformation

CIO Vendor The global managed services market size stood at USD 200.29 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 292.15 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 12.2% during the forecast period. The overall market is booming with the rising adoption of IT managed services among enterprises in various sectors such as corporate, medical, and many more. Enterprises are implementing these services in their business unit to digitize their business processes, upgrade &innovate their infrastructure, enhance productivity, and scalability. Further, the rising demand for end-to-end hosting applications is expected to drive the market growth.

iPrime Services, established in 1955 commenced business as a construction company, building railway lines serving the South Eastern Railways and Defense. In 1990, started to provide It services, later in 2016 started the delivery center in Noida for global countries to provide technical support for different nations. Currently, the delivery center provides a full QA suite on Web & Mobile applications and product development on mobile hybrid & native platforms. Over the years, the company has developed domain expertise across diverse verticals from Aviation, Government, Healthcare, and many more.

With a deep experience in providing the infrastructure solutions to customers. iPrime provide a no-code platform for crisis management solutions to operate risk assessment called Veoci. It will digitize business processes to rationalized and consolidated. The biggest strength of the company lies in the adaptability, which is completely customizable for each individual enterprise’s needs. This platform with user customization to use without help
from others. It is self-fitted with featuring operations, collaboration, digitization capable of all operations for a business Further, the UI/UX is designed considering the user friendliness of the platform to help clients manage operations with minimal dependency on highly skilled resources possible. The entire range of solutions is both cost effective and efficient that comes with a radio deployment cycle.

Over the years, the company has developed domain expertise across diverse verticals from Aviation, Government, Healthcare

Helping Businesses Optimize IT Infrastructure
iPrime Services offers a full digital transformation solution to the customers that combine infrastructure transformation and application transformation which comes from understanding customer business, organizational problems, and applying technology to provide appropriate solutions. “Using Veoci we are able to digitize business processes and when we do so we begin to transform the organization. Each process and application is examined to see how it can be rationalized and consolidated. In the pandemic we have had appreciable growth from clients in the US and now we are poised to bring these best practices to clients in the Middle East and India. We are leveraging our delivery center in Noida and a remote delivery model that serves customers from New Zealand to Brazil,” emphasizes Maninder Singh Grewal, Managing Director, iPrime Services.

Further, on the application and product development side, iPrime is looking forward to expanding its footprints around customer digital transformation, business continuity and resilience, and digitize business operations processes integrated to social media feeds and a robust enterprise wide real time MIS. iPrime endeavors to bring deep fresh technology to the current and future customers ensuring that their workforces use technology products that present a simple user interface, delivering value by increasing productivity and profitability.