Power IT Services: Changing the Outlook on IT Staff Augmentation

CIO Vendor In today's interconnected and interdependent world, client organizations rely more than ever on IT staff augmentation as an external delivery model to meet their IT needs. While, this is slowly being taken over by permanent managed services, Power IT Services, with its unique set of strategies, plans, policies and benefits to deployed resources in customer place has given a fresh new perspective to IT staff augmentation. Established in 2012, and headquartered out of Singapore, Power IT Services is a global IT staff augmentation firm having offices in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Germany,UK, Hong Kong and United States. In India, Power IT was the first to lay foundation to a global off Shore Delivery Center(ODC)for IT staff augmentation in Chennai. Operating across such a vast geography, the firm facilitates added services like permanent staffing, temporary staffing, executive search, RPO services, advertising, volume recruitment, pay rolling, onboarding services and market intelligence data.

Out of the Box Approach to Keep a Check on Costs and Time
Staff augmentation requires minimal contracting effort, has a simple cost model(rate times hours worked), can scale up or down quickly and has minimal impact on the existing operating model of an IT organization. Power IT’s clients’ primary focus has always been to on-board the right candidates within the consolidated time at an efficient cost. At the same time, Power IT’s focus remains to customer requirement on the time requested. Clearly, cost effectiveness plays a vital role to keep all the customer stay within the budget. Meeting client demands for recruitment within and boundaries of cost and time has maintained the threshold of the business and help Power IT Services grow bigger as a firm. “This is how we evolve along with our client”, adds Ramesh Pemmasani, Founder & CEO, Power IT Services.
With candidate staging and automated follow up emails, this management consulting firm has brought about several improvements in the recruitment workflow over the past. Along the same phase, developing and tracking the candidates’ progress also became much easier. Power IT, as a technical recruitment firm works towards its self-described mission of' Connecting Talent with Technology' at a global level. Power IT services, localize with local professionals, all while taking care to observe key trends in the local market. The company enables a streamlined work process that leads to more productive and successful recruiting efforts. Moreover, Power IT’s internal CRM allows a recruiter to increase search accuracy and speed, by reaching out to only qualified people, with rich content, personalized and creative messages. This approach spares the recruiters from spending time in many mundane tasks.

Power IT, as a technical recruitment firm works towards its self-described mission of ‘Connecting Talent with Technology’ at a global level

Having started off as a staff augmentation firm, Power IT has now evolved into an IT Services company and continues on a journey to becoming one of the most trusted IT services providers. Works are underway to creating their own automated processing tool for recruitment. The team at Power IT envisions the brand in the global market as a company with a futuristic thought in terms of marketing trends and product values with AI recruitment technology.