Airowire Networks: The Comprehensive Professional Network Management and Administration

Prashant Harnal, Director
The increased realization that very few vendors and networking partners are available to give a comprehensive solution has escalated the need of fundamental shift in Network Management system. Traditional NMS layer strengths like intuitive visualizations, network wide reconciliation, consistent controls and network health are not disappearing anytime soon, but to keep pace, responsibilities and NMS capabilities must evolve. Built around a new set of principles, Bangalore headquartered Airowire Networks is a network consultancy and system integration firm that proffers a comprehensive range of Networking Service. From designing, implementation, management of Enterprise Scale Networks to security in wireless network, Airowire Networks has a measurable and proven expertise to drive in innovation, creativity and flexibility in its offerings.

Clarified Network Designing and Management
Focussing basically on professional services for all enterprise customers, Airowire Networks charts the entire process right from recognizing the pain points to combining required software to build a solution. Being a system integrator and a consulting firm as well, the company ensures proper guidance to customers having huge infrastructure and require 3rd party vendors to design, provide requisite skills and manage infrastructure remotely.

Airowire Networks in its professional services offer consulting, system integration, managed services and training. Driven by its expertise and innovation, the client list includes several high-profile enterprises and one such being the largest sports retailer-Decathlon India. Operating from more than 80 stores across India, the networking and comprehensive management of infrastructure, security and wireless upgrades were on top of the list. Identifying
these and doing some Proof of Concepts(POC), Airowire Networks designed appropriate solutions that were eventually deployed and integrated. Airowire further gave support management to the solution that they had deployed in terms of mitigating, managing and scaling.

Airowire Networking’s Real Time assessment triggers and brings out a robust NAC Solution that can be seamlessly configured so that features run in the background

The company with such comprehensive solutions and
being a professional services provider takes care of security aspect at the helm. Security from in tra and internet within organizations transform and transit to various layers that house chances of tampering of data. The company has developed security solutions that have an analogy to a watchman. It authenticates the users about their legitimacy of entering into the system. Since the retail sectors run the potential to upscale solutions, the security solutions mandate the guidelines that take note of scalability and other prerequisites as well.

Towards a New Dawn of Networking
With increased mobility and needs critical to business, Airowire Networking’s Real Time assessment triggers and brings out a robust NAC Solution that can be seamlessly configured so that features run in the background. Along with these a responsive support system has brought the right competence in Networking and Business complexity with reduced costs as well. With the concept of shared resources, Airowire Networking handles 2-3 projects at just half of the cost of installation of a high end infrastructure. The niche technologies of Airowire Networking have tailored its services to meet clients’ customized needs and propel the company to an unopposed height in the realm of Managed Networking Infrastructure.