TRIO IT Services: Not Just Fixing But Avoiding the Problem

CIO Vendor Counting on a managed service provider(MSP)for a subset of one’s business’IT services can be a blessing. More than just head-busting a specific domain such as email hosting or customer relationship management, having an MSP as part of a business’ IT mix can free up internal IT staff for more strategic projects. But establishing a strong, strategic partnership with an MSP is the real deal. At the same time, strategic MSP use need not be confined to commodity IT services. A great number of CIOs keep their eyes out for MSPs that can deliver a wider scope of advanced services, including cloud infrastructure management, application management, and security managed services. Michael Martin, CEO at Trio IT Services explains how every CIO is deeply focused in a particular methodology that widens the scope into monitoring and maintaining. This refers to the apps and servers that can be under cloud or on premise. However, these CIOs,due to business pressure miss to look at the application health /application security and most certainly,miss to perform any application risk assessment about their app or network.

Headquartered in Bangalore and established in 2008, Trio IT Services has been filling in the voids in IT processes of organizations with a comprehensive portfolio of managed services. “Our main model is to provide a holistic comprehensive service”, says Michael. General discussions of managed services involve topics like application uptime, business uptime, and network uptime etc. However, Trio IT Services captures the essence of managed ITservices in a holistic or comprehensive 360-degreeview from monitoring, maintenance, performance tuning, health checks, security and Automation under a service framework.

Trio IT takes adequate and relevant steps to ensure that risk and challenges are eliminated throughout the network infrastructure. These risks can include any thing from how secure one’s data is, how can a business owner manage putting up an architecture, to where that business owner can have on premise cloud and provide a disaster recovery. The company takes a micro perspective at it with every kind of recovery possibilities like DRM, and security. Following this, the Trio IT Services team ensures that the application and the infrastructure are fine-tuned to avoid any foreseen risk in the future. This managed service provider undertakes vulnerability assessment, and security assessment as a part of comprehensive managed service.

Building their managed services in an agile methodology is the company’s second-best strategy. This is in order to make their services dynamically adapt to the complexities in the business at any given instance of time. Typically, to implement the change in any IT organization is a challenge and it takes considerable time to adjust to new changes. However, Trio IT’s service framework is designed keeping the client’s business perspective in mind. When approached, Trio IT team of specialists reach out to the customer from a holistic path and look at it at a 360 degree angle. “This helps us to actually know what is impacting the issue at hand”, explains Michael. In an instance, one of Trio IT’s clients was dealing with other vendors for MS Dynamics NAV Services. Trio IT’s expert services did not just move the client to a latest version but also reduced the cost in a deploy able way. An approximate of 40 lakhs was saved as cost cutting in this process. Trio understands the software licensing models as well. In its process to understand the client’s business, Trio IT Services gets well acquainted with the infrastructure and the application statistics. This gives the company an edge to identify the nodes which can lead to the overall business enhancements.

In a similar venture as above, Trio IT came across a client that was being handled by 100+ teams. By deploying automation, Trio was able to bring the numbers down to managing the entire setup within 6 months with only 15 people. The offering made was of only a single price for the whole setup. With Trio IT deploying automation for its clients, a business need not turn up the IT costs, since the setup proposed by Trio team can help the business to grow from1 to any number of Infrastructure device/servers. “The point is that our service model covers everything for customers- whether its security app, recovery of the app, infrastructure app, uptime and performance, maintenance or self-checkups. We deploy simple automation solutions and hence manage the growth and the complexities of the businesses”, elaborate Michael.

A Walk through Trio ITs Approach
Michael explains their value proposition and a walk through the company’s problem solving skills. The first phase as the CEO tells is
the Walk Phase. This allows Trio team to take decision depending on the size of the client organization. Walk phase in Trio IT’s terminology refers to doing exactly what the customer is doing in order to understand their technology, processes and business expectations first hand. This brilliant execution helps Trio IT to understand the intricacies of the organization and their expectations. The next 2-3 months is invested in something Michael calls ‘Run phase’. This is where the Trio IT team emerges with the plan to prioritize the automation goals, based on analysis, trends and requisites. Post the above two processes, the company moves ahead with the deployment phase. “Basically by the end of the first year of our project undertaking, the client can see the impact of what we do and how we support him in a very impactful way”, adds Michael.

Trio It's Panel Of Experts Helpclients Setup, Configure And Manage The Automation Tools Associated With Monitoring, Patching, Backup, Service Requestsand Support Of Clients’ Data Center Services

Trio IT combines customizable tools and services and the afore mentioned certified specialists with in-depth knowledge of industry-specific standards to monitor, maintain, and manage every mission-critical aspect of client's IT applications and infrastructure.

Data Center Automation is the Answer
Present day data centers are looking down the barrel of new challenges due to complex business applications and stringent IT budgets. Majority of enterprises face unfavourable climates that prevent the increase of workforce to handle data center operations. Truth be told, a data center admin or manager will find it difficult to employ resources effectively. Automation is the answer. Most forward thinking companies are to leverage the benefits of data center automation(DCA)to improve their operational efficiency as well as reduce the workload on their managers and data center staff. The two most important features that enterprises should look for in a DCA solution are centralized management capabilities and support for heterogeneous systems. Trio IT Services puts in immense knowhow and R&D to bring about this much required automation. Trio IT’s panel of experts help clients setup, configure and manage the automation tools associated with monitoring, patching, backup, service requests and support of clients’ Data Center Services. While doing the heavy lifting to help the client gain greater flexibility server and storage utilization on any public or private cloud, the Trio team ensures that the clients need not lift a finger or sweat a tear. Worst case scenario; should a disaster strike, Trio IT manages the process to get the business back online in real-time, enabling the business to continue operations while the production environment is restored.

Moreover, Trio IT Services assists organization into making IT Assets acquisition, utilization and disposal decisions. It includes strategies and processes that identify current asset status, software purchased and deployed and thus further eliminate unused or infrequently used software. The company further helps businesses in consolidating IT assets and investments in software licenses or moving toward new cost effective licensing models.

The Trio IT team has a leadership experience of 22 plus years with rich exposure to infrastructure and application management areas. The core team comprises of industry veterans from tier 1 global IT service providers, like Infosys, HP, Microland, Mphasis, NICE and Intel with decades of experience and expertise in infrastructure & application support and operations; scaling and building delivery teams with competency development; application & mobility development, solution architecture, development & implementation; managed IT and security services; DevOps, transition management, System integration and IT operations management.

Trio’s current client base is small, medium and big, having sizeable amount of infrastructure automation. The company ensures businesses to achieve their targeted goals. The company has scaled this year into SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Managed Services and SEO services which further gives Trio IT Services the edge. With advancements that tell the difference between 'solving a problem'and 'avoiding a problem', Trio IT Services, through their solutions and services combined is working to offer a high and measurable return on investments(RoI) and value for clients.