Qtek IT Consulting: A White Glove Ensemble of Managed Service and IT Consultation

Hameed Hassain, Head Pre Sales
With several companies expanding their geographical and technological presence,the global Managed services and IT Consulting services are expected to rise. Tech trends like IoT, cloud computing, ML, Mobility and several others are revolutionizing the ways in which businesses operate in recent years. The growing dependence on technology at work, in addition to IT architecture have led many companies to set aside a bigger piece of IT budget for Managed services and IT consulting. Increasingly, many in-house IT departments are finding it difficult to keep up with the changing integration, changes and adoptions. Critically analysing, and equipping companies and MSMEs alike with Enterprise class solutions, business technology consulting and managed IT service provider, Qtek IT, designs powerful IT solutions. Qtek IT focusses on elevating clients’ business with its Managed IT services, IT outsourcing services, IT consulting and CIO services. Headquartered in Vijayawada, the company’s ensemble includes Backup solutions, Cloud services, Virtualization solutions, ITIL services, and VOIP services. Being a full-service IT provider, the company ensures 24*7 IT system support via Network Monitoring, and a proactive approach to managing IT infrastructure with IT management.

Delivering Hands-on Support System
Qtek IT helps clients improve operational and financial performance with the same ease with which it delivers proven insights and guidance. The customized Qtek managed IT components, infrastructure services, data centre operations and NOC services bring in high-impact decisions and support systems to clients’ infrastructure. Qtek IT proffers a potentially strong framework for IT
outsourcing as well, for flexible, and robust manpower in order to handle various angles of IT infrastructure challenges. The company ensures security and easy streamlining of all these features with its highly positioned Cloud services that take care of backup, storage and other data centre services. Additionally, Qtek operates within the scope and understanding of the notion that networking is the basic part of any IT framework. Qtek’s solution QITCS, brings in decisive and immediate help to employ technical expertise including Cisco specialists with credentials of CCNP, and CCNA.

Qtek’s solution QITCS, brings in decisive and immediate help to employ technical expertise including Cisco specialists with credentials of CCNP, and CCNA

The gamut of these solutions further gets strengthened with IT Vendor Management. A critical and sometimes unorganized area of every IT provider, the requisites of vendor management are simplified into a single platform with faster problem solving, expert accessing, and a single point of contact capabilities. With its powerful feature to understand and comprehend interactions between technologies, Qtek IT team dissolves several issues and dispute Management with vendor risk management.

The Future Dynamics of MSP and Consulting
Boldly moving ahead in the MSP and IT Consulting market, Qtek strategically is shifting itself at the helm as a prominent player. The company with its solutions ensures simpler, faster yet robust IT architecture and networking for an end-to end solution. Offering an agnostic approach when it comes to evaluating new services, solutions and products, Qtek is objectively leveraging the combined years of experience across industries.