Polestar Consulting: Customizing Processes for Maximizing Output

CIO Vendor With IT managed services growing with the cloud, companies have moved more and more functionality away from on-premises networks, to outside providers for designing, hosting and running core parts of their IT infrastructure. While picking the right one of the lot, one can trust Pune based Polestar Consulting Private Limited as an agile and innovative Managed Services player. Upon entering a venture with a client, Polestar first defines models, standardizes and optimizes processes. The company helps customers understand and navigate the landscape of modern and secure tools, technologies and delivery models. The subsequent steps involve creating an over arching IT Roadmap and Architecture for the organization. The platform and technology agnostic nature of service provider, allows Polestar to leverage the overarching enterprise architecture to simplify integrating various sub-systems. The end product a well defined and sorted IT Infrastructure.

Making Successful Deliveries a Checkpoint
Initially Polestar deployed COTS software for Incident, Help desk,Asset and Resources Management. However, over time the company’s implementation expertise made it realize that the customer actually utilized less than 20 percent of the features built in but paid for all of it. Based on this repeated experience, Polestar introduced their in-house Management and Analytics tool - PolePlus, based broadly on ITIL framework of Service Delivery. In an encounter with a client last year, the company right-sized their software licenses and successfully brought down the annual subscription fee by more than 30 percent.“Business continuity is not the end goal by itself, we take pride on making our customers future ready”, adds Alok Sharma, Director, Polestar Consulting.

In a similar challenging situation bothering a client, Polestar helped
the customer with their 'Go to Market' strategy, which would have failed completely without the consolidated IT and Mobile layer. The team at Polestar worked together to not only bring down their GTM initiative cost, but also ensured superior experience to their ultimate recipients. Right from choosing the MOM (Message Oriented Middleware) to deciding the service basket to the Cloud Host,Polestar managed the entire backend of the GTM journey. The customer is now also using Polestar’s ‘mobility consulting’ services for other processes.

The company ensures predefined future end state by targeted intervention and employing best global practices

One of the aspects of managed services is to undertake customer relationship management that secures the company branding and resources. Polestar helps the clients in improving their Customer’s experience by targeted interventions and through ensuring projected and controlled service outages. The company ensures pre-defined future end state by employing best practices from across the globe.

While Polestar helps the customers to 'scale up'; Sharma explains that the company itself is at the crossroad where personalized services would have to give way to a more institutionalised response. This service provider intends to bring in a few more customised productivity and management tools like Pole plus. In terms of geographical growth, Polestar is in conversation with a few overseas prospects for Remote Infrastructure Management contracts. Polestar envisages becoming the engine of cost and process optimization for the customers, while efficiently and comprehensively managing the complex and rapidly evolving security challenges.