SanSol: Scaling Complex IT Management with Managed Services

Joy Gupta,CEO
Struggling with two major IT related issues, organizations at large are facing odds between IT Infrastructure Operations and managing operational costs. A storm of IT complications stirs when a gap widens between these two issues, damaging the very fabric of operations and functionalities of an organization. Managing these mission critical processes requires strategic, experience-driven, outcome-based relationship with high levels of operational integration and scalability that leverage processes and technologies of an organization. Managed Services provide a bridge between the existing gaps of company's requirements and exact management. Headquartered in New Delhi, IT Management service provider, SanSol, provides the perfect bridge between quality management and cost-effective IT solutions. With a blend of multi-domain knowledge and decade old experience, SanSol serves middle market segment and enterprise customers in the field of IT service management,IT asset management, backup, security, virtualization, and software licensing.

With approximately 100 users,a company trying to establish a branch, the most complex process is to initiate.

With the right amount of hardware, software, networking, and products, companies need to pay attention on the budget while ensuring proper running of the entire infrastructure. Here in,SanSol tailors and drives the exact infrastructure needs with estimated budget.

Removing the Tussle of Performance and Budget
SanSol, with its deliveries, addresses the pain points of any organizations by helping them to adopt the best practices on IT Service, Infra & Asset Management, and Back-Up & Security Solutions. These organizations fail to recognize the issues with the software that are deployed. From software deploying company to the networking provider, several players and budgets are involved that can reduce the operational effectivity of a company put together. It becomes imperative for the software developing companies to take into

Sansol, with its deliveries, addresses the pain points of any organizations by helping them to adopt the best practices on IT Service, Infra & Asset Management, and Back-Up & Security Solutions

consideration the intricacies of networking partners or other such parties which are supposed to be deployed together for an entirely different company. Choosing the right mix of solution developer, networking partner, security partner and others, is a huge time and cost consuming method for businesses. Therefore, SanSol ensures a seamless and effective tie-up, better quality of partners and management of all the parameters for a business head that helps OEMs in making critical decisions.

Prabhat Kumar, Head Pre Sales

SanSol is a huge ensemble that identifies end users of any organization mitigates their pain points by short listing the right partners of products, networking, and backend security and rolls them out effectively. Licensing part of any organization is very crucial. SanSol analyzes the requirements and suggests a suitable solution based on needs and cost. In-depth consulting solutions by the company further enhance the customer satisfaction. Due to target, segment oriented, heightened expectations, cut throat competition and shortened delivery, renewing managed services is quite a challenge for companies. SanSol has measured a mark in getting its services renewed for several years with its clients. With a pan India presence, the company is delivering right budgetary calls with fast paced management of services across various verticals of businesses.