VEGA Projects India : One - stop solutions for All Audio - Visual Managed Services

CIO Vendor With more and more companies going on board with the audio-video systems, more business are getting done through these platforms. And the growing importance of audio visual systems in corporate, a qualified and skilled partner to ensure the systems work right every time is the need of the hour. What most clients demand is a one stop solution to all their audio visual needs. Catering to this demand in India is Vega Projects India Pvt. Ltd. providing Audio-Video Managed Services.

Video conferencing and meeting rooms increase productivity, decrease travel costs, and allow face-to-face communication with partners, vendors and colleagues, anywhere at any time. It aims to maximize on customer satisfaction within the given budget without compromising on the quality of the solution. Vega has designed a portfolio of services - SLM (Service Level Management), SLA (Service Level Agreement & OLA (operation level agreements) to suit the different needs of the customer. Vega’s Managed Services empower organizations with the best AV technologies in the market, and provide the knowledge, resources, and assistance that make communications seamless and productive. Vega’s strength lies in their commitment to gain a clear understanding of the challenges the client is faced with. While most managed services concentrate on providing core and enable services, Vega focuses on providing enhanced services adding the extra feather to the client’s product. This lets them provide customer specific solutions.

As a part of enhanced managed services, it is equipped with a manage service team which specializes in handling client’s multimedia operations which includes Global Audio Video Conferencing bridge management & scheduling, Video Conference operations & troubleshooting support, onsite support, events & town hall support, end user training & remote help desk support.
It also offers Onsite services, Help Desk & monitoring services as well as end to end solution for video conference scheduling, maintenance & operations.

Along with audio-visual solutions, it provides system design, legal advice and consultation as well as after-sales support and maintenance service. A consistent pattern in the past need not necessarily indicate success in the future while a not so consistent record need not point towards a future failure as well. Vega is flexible enough to maximise services to any size and requirement helping customers to achieve long term goals.

It aims to maximize on customer satisfaction within the given budget without compromising on the quality of the solution

Vega has a global presence with its offices across APAC, Europe and USA. Vega Project India Pvt. Ltd. operates from Mumbai. With Vega, clients have a competitive edge as its services enable them to keep pace with the latest technology, streamline the daily operation, shorten the geographic distance, strengthen the communication, eliminate the barriers and reduce the waste of resource. Vega with its global presence, is capable of providing managed services to clients irrespective of their location and size of their project. It also provides its domain expertise to suppliers & clients-consultants in educating corporate clients on how AV solutions and communication technologies can help them to get optimal usage, performance and return on technology investments. With emphasis on providing enhanced audio visual managed services, Vega aims at staying aggressive and focused in this direction.