Solutions Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. - Providing Managed & Secured IT Infrastructure with Enhanced End Use

CIO Vendor Managed Services has emerged as a lifesaver for businesses enabling them to outsource major IT operations for higher reliability and better control. This allows business to concentrate on the core operations with reduced interruptions in the seamless flow of business processes due to IT issues. Indeed! A competitive, scalable and dependable solution is what the market demands from Managed Solution Providers. Along with these, the clients expects from MSPs to provide a solution that ensures higher stability, improved quality, reduced downtime & uninterrupted service of the IT infrastructure making businesses more efficient.

Leveraging on their domain expertise and catering to the mentioned demands is Ahmedabad based Solutions Enterprise Pvt. Ltd. (SEPL). Providing a deeper market insight, Pratik Patel, Director of the company, says that more and more Enterprises are moving to cloud and thus, revenues from IaaS and Cloud is on the rise. However, there has been a drastic rise in the security threats and compliance is becoming more complex and demanding and a nightmare for the CIOs / CTOs to manage.

With an enviable record Solutions Enterprise has been providing businesses with on-premise infrastructure management services. What makes them unique is their approach of taking ownership of the infrastructure management and reducing security threats to minimum. SEPL provides clients a combination of on-site, and remote support services and at the same time enable customers to setup a hybrid environments including cloud and on-premise infrastructures. In addition to this, SEPL also provides its clients full service life cycle management including implementation services, routine maintenance services, systems / technology upgradation, trouble shooting and integration services.
They provide proactive monitoring & alert services backed by spare inventory ensuring uninterrupted services of critical IT systems and devices to meet the expected service levels. Using asset management tools, SEPL helps customers keep control of software assets and prevents unauthorised usage / installations. Any change in the baseline is immediately alerted which helps taking appropriate corrective measures in time. All remote management is provided over point to point VPN back to the Network Operation Centre.

SEPL provides clients a combination of on-site, and remote support services and at the same time enable customers to setup a hybrid environments including cloud and on-premise infrastructures

The penetration of cloud and increasingly growing complexity of infrastructure and system is bringing disruptive changes to the market. Stating their position, Pratik says, “We virtually partner with our customers in managing their core infrastructure, thereby taking ownership of the problems and demonstrating dependability by solving those problems effectively and in time. We work hard to define the scope minutely but tend to be flexible in implementing it”. He adds that working closely with leading technology vendors provides them the opportunity to test and implement solutions which enables clients choose best-of-the-breed solutions and SEPL to deliver the same.

SEPL aims to stay customer-centric in the near future providing clients highest quality services. They are in the process of expanding their horizon to include SOC and extended Cloud services to their service portfolio along with offering Visibility as a Service which is suddenly catching up very fast.