ServerBasket - Comprehensive Server Management

CIO Vendor As the name suggests, ServerBasket is all about servers, an online store where one can buy, manage and colocate servers. You can purchase physical servers online, be it new ones or refurbished or even rent the servers you need based on your requirement. The second facet to ServerBasket’s offering is the management of your servers. From remote monitoring, maintenance to on site troubleshooting, ServerBasket takes total ownership of the servers and data centers’ uptime.

The third facet of ServerBasket is managed hosting services. It follows a simple, yet efficient strategy. Across the world, it has leased rack space on tier 3 data centers and installed its own servers and security infrastructure there. It manages these servers and leverages them to provide its hosting services. Thus, in any location across the world - India, UAE, UK, USA, one can avail ServerBasket’s dedicated, Cloud VPS, shared and hosting services with a 99.99 percent uptime at low price.

Why ServerBasket?
ServerBasket has consciously positioned itself in the quadrant of good prices and great service to cater to small and medium enterprises and particularly start-ups. Its end-to-end offering in the space allows its customers to eliminate the need to maintain expensive application, data and server management teams. Its flexible server procurement, rental and cloud hosting options allow SMEs and startups to minimize their capital investment as well as their time-to-market. ServerBasket is an online store for servers, server accessories, and management services. It stocks new, and refurbished servers and delivers across India. Its branded servers range from Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Huawei, Supermicro, EMC, NetApp, Dell storage servers, and networking products from HP, Cisco, Huawei and for ‘buy, sale and rental’. ServerBasket also has an online server, data center management team that helps buyers make the right choice in terms of the equipment they need to get going.
If you have an existing data center or a cluster of servers, ServerBasket can take-over their management, offering you uptime-as-a-service. From server maintenance to management of applications, data and recovery, the company gives you complete freedom from the nitty-gritties of server management and allows you to focus on your core functions.

“The whole idea of ServerBasket is to offer a nice big basket of services that encompass all the aspects of server management – this necessarily includes procurement assistance and remote management but also requires on site support. Thus, we maintain a ready-to-deploy team of troubleshooting and data center management resources who can visit your data center to install, manage or troubleshoot issues,” says Amarender Donthula, CEO, ServerBasket.

ServerBasket has consciously positioned itself in the quadrant of good prices and great service to cater to small and medium enterprises and particularly start-ups

He adds, “At ServerBasket, we understand that not all enterprises have the requirement of a physical or virtual data center, but every enterprise needs its applications and data to be online and available. Being the servers of servers, we maintain a full-fledged data center that can host your applications and data with complete security and privacy. Based on the requirement, we suggest from shared hosting, dedicated and fully managed Windows and Linux VPS hosting for our customers with 24x7 support and advice.” Whether your requirement is for a single website or an entire forest of domains, ServerBasket guarantees you happiness by helping you meet your objectives with ease and consistency, and without capital investment.