IISGL - Much More than Just Technology/IT Partner

CIO Vendor Currently, managed services are considered as indispensible ways for the enterprises to eliminate obstacles in their enterprise IT infrastructure and attain substantial performance and productivity in addition to enhanced revenue. Nowadays, enterprises of all sizes invest on advanced technology to operate efficiently and compete effectively. Falling behind in terms of backups, patches and security, can negatively impact their business. Therefore, in adapting to emerging technologies and managing them for a future-ready IT landscape, these enterprises need the assistance of skillful partners who keep comprehensive framework in offering Managed services while bolstering cost reduction of operations.

With skilled resource pool, technical know-how and proper framework adaption, Bangalore headquartered IISGL (Indi International software Global Pvt. Ltd.), offers effective managed services from consulting, resourcing, development to delivery. “We are an end to end IT solution provider and employee-centric company. We have well- versed plan for ITIL, Managed Services as well as framework adaption”, asserts Saran Yakkali, President, IISGL. Being an IT consulting and Services Company, it focuses on managed services in the realm of big data, analytics, cloud, mobility and security. IISGL offers proactive maintenance services through its flat-rate Managed IT Services. Its Managed Services portfolio comprises of Shared Managed Services and Dedicated Managed Services with high focus on operational cost reduction.

While delivering Managed IT services to its clients, IISGL aims to increase their productivity, reduce operational cost while endeavouring to mitigate their business risks. “Our architects have insights like understanding of where we can reduce the cost. We have particular framework which helps analyze our customer’s business.
We care about how we can optimize cost, workflow process and faster response, and help our entire team understand customer requirements,” shares Saran Yakkali. When it comes to its flat-rate on Managed IT Services, IISGL follows both Shared and Dedicated frameworks and helps its clients improve their efficiencies and reduce downtime. “Whatever server or application whether it is legacy or custom build application you want to migrate from on-premise to the cloud, we follow flat-rate in delivering our services,” adds Saran Yakkali.

IISGL offers proactive maintenance services through its flat-rate Managed IT Services.

While taking its Cloud Managed Services into account, IISGL aids its clients in managing their applications, servers, databases, networks etc. “When customers require cloud migration, we are able to identify what issues and scenarios would come. Therefore, we plan accordingly and host applications in a much secured manner while reducing the operational cost,” opines Saran Yakkali. Besides its Cloud Managed Services, IISGL renders delivers Managed Website Service to its clients’ to improve their internet presence from every angle. IISGL has a team of 30 members including in-house developers with prowess in programming languages like Java and PHP who delivers all-in-one website service. It offers a completely packaged managed website programme which comprises of development, hosting and management of websites.

IISGL, a completely process-oriented company, plans to completely upgrade its framework towards customer requirements. While upgrading its framework, the company aims to its increase its performance and production delivery while optimizing cost reduction.