Cloudstrats Ltd. - Enabling Businesses to Focus on their Core Competencies

CIO Vendor The managed services market has been witnessing tremendous growth since 2015. Market statistics reveal that almost 60 percent of large and small scale enterprises have deployed some kind managed service as part of their overall IT strategy. The percentage is bound to keep growing. Despite the encouraging numbers, businesses continue to struggle with control and security issues drooling over the managed services market.

Cloudstrats, a leading Managed Service Provider has a prime focus on reducing costs and minimizing risk while increasing reliability and flexibility which enables customers to concentrate on their core business. Providing an insight into the market the CEO of Cloudstrats, Piyus Kanti says, “Customers have already picked the relatively low hanging fruits, and now they are looking for additional strategic gains through Managed Services programs. This has provided an opportunity for service providers to differentiate themselves by bringing in innovative solutions”. Cloudstrats offers a wide range of services to the clients such as Data Center Services, Infrastructure Management, Midrange Management, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Unified Communications, Enterprise Data Storage, Backup, Managed Network Services, Security Services and Business Continuity Services.

Cloudstrats brings its expertise in more than one area of managed services. Leveraging on their strong expertise in enterprise mobility and system integration, they help their clients implement business centric computing in their organizations. With proficiency in implementing systems that support and manage next-generation desktops and laptops, they can help protect data and systems in a multi-device environment, cut costs, and design the roadmap for organisations.
With the aim to provide organisations with the efficiency, efficacy, security and stability, Cloudstrats offers an array of services for the management of server, storage and security domain. Their solutions for networking are designed to offer comprehensive managed network services giving client organisations the edge in volatile economy. Cloudstrats team of database administrators is proficient in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, SAP and DB2 database technologies. They enable client to better manage their capital expenditure by creating higher density of databases per server through multi-tenancy configurations, and deliver lower operational costs through automation and enhanced management productivity. With Cloudstrats’ analytics led approach, organisations can streamline database operations, improve efficiency and productivity, along with strengthening of their business processes.

Cloudstrats brings its expertise in more than one area of managed services.

What distinguishes Cloudstrats from rest of the herd is their ability to provide the best of both on-premise and off-premise solutions, they demonstrate great agility and customising abilities. Cloudstrats exhibits a deep market knowledge and experience with emphasis on enhanced customer service. The team members here are continuously adapting themselves with the developments in technologies. With the plan to expand their horizon in all frontiers Cloudstrats intends to maximise their growth rate and transcend geographical boundaries. Piyus Kanti delineates, “We take pride in being hyper-responsive to our customers. Our ability to compress urgent deliveries; shrink turnaround times and an equally fierce drive to continually improve the quality of our service is our fuel to perform, deliver & attain client satisfaction.”