SERVION GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Ameliorating Digital Customer Experience

CIOReview Team

Gone are the days of trusting only product expertise or sales personnel for influencing purchasing behaviour. Owing to the unprecedented advancement in digital technologies that close service gaps between enterprises and customers, a unique and personalized customer experience journey is the need of the hour. Nowadays, myriad of enterprises are imposed to devise new tactics to cater to superior customer experience. Regarding Customer Experience Management (CEM), Gartner sums up as “the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy”.

According to Sameet Gupte, CEO, Servion Global Solutions, “As enterprises strive to provide a unique and seamless customer experience, they have realized the need to architect a customer engagement hub that leverages people, process, and technology, across multiple channels such as Email, Chat, Phone, Video, Online Portals, Augmented Reality and Mobile Apps, over multiple journeys”. Currently, businesses need a comprehensive view of their customers’ interactions and behaviour across all channels to deliver better customer experiences. While enterprises endeavour to create, deliver and manage personalized experiences through customer journeys, the necessity of niche go-to partners with high domain and technical prowess in integrating multiple systems and solutions as well as hands-on experience in CEM market is increasing. 

Delivering unmatched digital customer experience to their customers, Servion Global Solutions Ltd., with a global presence across Americas, UK, Middle East and APAC, remains ahead of the game. In the CEM realm, Servion Global Solutions attains a crucial position through its business consulting capability and IP platforms. Moreover, all of Servion’s revenues come from delivering solutions around Customer Experience, Omnichannel, and Customer behaviour-based Analytics. It offers diversified platforms-led solutions in the CEM zone - ServEngage, ServCare, ServCloud, ServDesign, ServInsights, and ServIntuit. The company has developed a superior methodology which is built on the top of its domain expertise especially in banking and telecommunication segments. The company has implemented Customer Experience solutions for over 600 clients across 60 countries. Presently, Servion Global Solutions manages more than 10 billion customer interactions across multiple channels. “We take pride in the fact that we are probably the only organization that has both the experience as well as the expertise to look at customer interactions in a holistic manner, starting right at the top with the brand promise and till the last mile delivery,” opines Sameet Gupte. 

Optimizing Platforms for Omni-channel Customer Interactions 
Servion Global Solutions boasts of its business consulting-led capability and technology agnostic platforms. “We have invested significantly in platforms like ServCare, ServInsights, ServIntuit and a complete Customer Interaction Hub called ServEngage that encapsulates all of the end-to-end offerings leveraging analytics, artificial intelligence, and robotics,” affirms Sameet Gupte. While taking its diversified platforms into account, the company has developed ServEngage, an end to end methodology to architect a client specific Customer Engagement Hub. It is an agile digital framework to transform customer journeys in real-time. This platform can integrate critical data from disparate channels to provide a 360 degree Omni-channel view of customer interactions. Aside from ServEngage, Servion Global Solutions offers ServIntuitSM which addresses the gaps between investments in multi-channel solutions and the end-user experience. The platform integrates data from enterprise channel applications whether it is chat, voice, website, mobile, email or video and enables them to deliver the Next Best Actions in the context of customers.

Furthermore, as Contact Centers have a colossal amount of data and scattered in silos across multiple data sources, Servion Global Solutions has rolled out ServInsights to aid them to correlate their data with their enterprise databases such as CRM and gain actionable insights. The solution goes beyond traditional reporting solutions and allows users to analyze collected data. With two decades of experience in running Customer Engagement Centers across the globe, Servion Global Solutions offers ServInsights for all the data Contact Centers require to manage their daily operations. The solution can cut down total cost of ownership by a factor of over 60 percent.

Relying on Cloud for Customer Interaction Management 
Being an early adopter of cloud technology, Servion Global Solutions offers ServCloud, an adaptable cloud-based Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solution, which helps optimize operations and enhance customer experience. Powered by Cisco’s HCS, this multi-channel platform serves customers in their preferred channel such as inbound, outbound, email, chat etc. anywhere and anytime. The solution delivers unmatched security, resiliency, data recovery and business continuity. As the solution is integrated with ServGenie, a homegrown knowledge base system, it helps clients move away from reactive to proactive Customer Engagement Center management.

Servion Global Solutions’ ServDesign platform, built on the Customer Interaction Management Blueprint (CIM - B), assesses the maturity of contact management in an enterprise. It determines a series of measures in the form of business and technology design blueprints to align customer interactions with business needs. It involves four steps including Assess, Analyze, Advise, and Assist. With CIM–B, the company offers a set of mature consulting-led assessment modules to evaluate the enterprises’ progress based on customer experience journeys. These modules encompass self-service analysis, activity-based costing, brand to strategy, customer experience, capacity modeling, technology assessment, interaction process map, and people and quality. 

With more than 20 years of CIM expertise and over 10 years of capability in delivering managed services globally, Servion Global Solutions has gained more than 600 customers across BFSI, Telco and Healthcare segments along with the journey designs delivered in over 60 countries. In addition, it has strong expertise in Cisco as well as Avaya platforms in the unified collaboration space. Servion Global Solutions continues to be a customer experience specialist who enables enterprises to convert their customer touch points into revenue-generating engagement centers and optimize the infrastructure costs of their customer interaction channels.

“Our vision is to be the leaders in the Customer Experience Management space enabling enterprises to convert the various customer touch points into journeys and in parallel optimize the infrastructure costs of all their customer interaction channels.” signs off Sameet Gupte.